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Water Consumption Audit Services


We provide Water Consumption Audit Services using State Of Art IOT Wireless Modems, IOT / Wireless Flow Meters / Water Meters. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. City wise / country wise Channel Partnership enquiries also solicited all over the world. Few of our concepts have already awarded patents in India and many new designs are applied for the patent, recently.

Today many running cities of the globe are stand still because of water shortage. It's not that there is no rain fall, but it is because citizens of those cities never understood what is the live water stock? and usage of it for every person. It is very important to actually understand our daily usage of WATER. Once we try to analyses the water usage at every location we go, there is possibility to reduce usages of the water. Collecting consolidate data of Water usage of any organisation is technically called as water audit. In various industries this has proved that, after water audit is done, employees on their own tried to reduce water consumption substantially. VATTURKAR WATER AUDIT Program, At Vatturkar we have various options to complete the water audits of any organisations. Depending on the size the company, we can plan the complete sensor installation and data collection system SO LET'S JOIN TOGETHER IN WATER SAVING CLUB. WE ALL WILL MAKE THIS GLOBE GREEN EVERYWHERE, BY MAKING PROPER USE OF EVERY DROP OF PRECIOUS WATER. For your specific inquiry please talk or write us at the earliest.