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About Us

Vatturkar Industrial was established in 1993 with a commitment to produce premium products with a focus on quality & value to the user. Since the beginning we have embraced diverse technologies, to present products, which are innovative, performance driven, & simply ahead of others.

Our powerful R & D facility and Applications laboratory with world class Instruments and Equipments have contributed to our success. All our instruments have been developed 'in-house' right from the concept level, to deliver products which are not only superb in quality & technology but also very economical.

Our Vision

We strongly feel that Indian products can make a place of pride in global industry. In upcoming country wise associates, we shall understand more demands across the world & by making export quality products we shall accurately meet the need of our prestigious existing Pan India clients.

  • Strengths
  • Leadership
  • CSR

1) Team Work : At Vatturkar we believe that people working with us are our most valued asset. Management always find out the values in individual and appreciate with continuous encouraging programme, we try to build energetic work culture.

2) Design : We believe in quality only by precise assembly and precise assembly is achievable only by decent designs. Our chairman himself along with best design houses in the country. We try our level best to design energy product to the best possible level of comfort. Every individual product is backed by latest hardware tool support with descent jigs & fixtures.

3) Product Engineering : Team of engineer has tried there level best to achieve best quality in various disciplines including electronics, polymers, metal casting, machining, testing and the last but most important packaging. The final outcome is in state of reliable, durable, accurate, economical and eco friendly product range.

4) Our believe : At Vatturkar we are trying to design & produce variety descent measuring instruments. We strongly believe that in upcoming years our MADE IN INDIA products will be useful to all the users in western countries. With three pillars ( Quality, service and cost control ) we are trying hard to built enduring relationship with big OEM worldwide.

Foundation of company was laid by strong & determined leadership of our chairman Mr. Tushar Vatturkar way back in 1990. Vatturkar's goldsmith by birth had very long background of jewellery business with built in preciseness and beautiful artisan logic. New generation implemented the basic concept into industrial instrumentation. We believe in driving force of next generation which will florish the task with excellent pace.

1) Helping hand : Dedicated work along with national wide movement in SWADESH AANDOLAN we try to help small upcoming entrepreneurs to grow & settle. We offer interest free loans not only to the employees but even to associate suppliers also to purchase new machinery and every family wellfare. Seperate education loan facility are also provided to families of them. In rural India development we have helped to settle few industries across Konkan are in area of food processing.

2) Energy efficiency / Greener Enviorment : At Vatturkar we have firm commitment towards nature. We focus on sensible design of workspace to accommodate maximum natural light. Auto air vents are created to maintain natural breeze creating moderate temperature in the work space.