Manufacturer For Flow Meter

Vatturkar Industrial was established in 1993 with a commitment to produce premium products with a focus on quality & value to the user. Since the beginning we have embraced diverse technologies, to present products, which are innovative, performance driven, & simply ahead of others.

Our powerful R&D facility and Applications laboratory with world class Instruments and Equipments have contributed to our success. All our instruments have been developed ‘in-house’ right from the concept level, to deliver products which are not only superb in quality & technology but also very economical.

Our Strong points are :

• Reliability Through Design – We design instruments to give trouble free long life.
• Ultra modern Manufacturing – to produce most complex & delicate components.
• In house R & D – For all these years VATS has produced instruments with own R&D.
• Unique QC Approach – Every instrument tested individually, No Batch mode testing.
• Industry Specific Solutions - to address the needs of industries as diverse as water treatment, oil, automobile, chemicals, petrochemicals, construction, textile, breweries etc.

Finally our long list of totally satisfied customers is the proof of our capability to engineer a solution to meet the customers’ need and applications.

Our attitude is to sell Satisfaction, not just Instruments.

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