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OEM Special Solution

We at Vatturkar plays very important role in development of dedicated flow measurement solutions to various process and liquids used in manufacturing companies. Our focus has always been on specific application large volume items. It is our appeal to all Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide; to please send us your exact requirement and our team will guide a perfect match, from our existing product line. If at all we need to change few design aspects, we are ready to adopt such alterations with no extra cost.


Long back when ready-mix concrete was not available in Indian market, PANCHSHEEL REALITY, Pune based company approached us for water dispenser for small concrete mixture. With few changes we offered them Programmable Water Pump! Yes, conventional water pump with flow meter attached, a product called PANERA. Today many small contractors in India use our Panera to add precise water for cement mixture as per desired water-cement ratio. Resultant is good quality consistent concrete.
Best Concrete = Cement/water ratio.



Many textile companies in India are dependent on German made flow sensors, comes along with German Textile Machines. So maintenance was costly, and time consuming. Spare parts were not available easily. We altered our standard Paddle wheel sensor ( photo of JT-123 sensor ) to new design, as per specific requirement. Today our sensors are used in industry not only by weaving and dying industry, but also by washing machine manufacturers. High temperature Sensors to Raymond, Compact sensors to Ramsons etc.


Water Treatment

Thermax Ltd, Pune with whom we started our business way back in 1997. It all started with India & first plastic Paddle wheel flow meter. ( photo of JT-121 PP sensor ) With support from them, we could replace mechanical Rota meters to IP-65 flow meter. Today our Flow Sensor with flow meter combo is avaliable in the market.


In 2007, a designer firm from Netherlands approached us for another specific inquiry. Those days European Automobile Association has made it compulsory to all Diesel operated vehicles to make use of urea spray on exhaust. Technology was to reduce the pollution of Nitrogen Oxide. There was huge demand for distribution of Urea solution to long spread Fuel stations. As per specific MOC we developed battery operated FLOREDO. 10,000+ urea Flow meters were exported across the globe in two years.


Wireless communication

We developed our first GSM flowmeter at reasonable price. Idea was to collect the data from various remotely located water tanks across the state of Maharashtra.